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A meticulous, inventive, and sharply written debut

The Iraq sequences are fantastic, showing both the humanity and horror found in wartime….

Kirkus Reviews

Kept me glued to my seat

This is a technothriller on the digital front and could easily come from Tom Clancy, Brad Thor, Jack Carr or any other of a dozen modern thriller writers. Good characters. Believable storyline. Briskly plotted. What more could you ask for? Kept me glued to my seat.

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Action-rigged trigger-happy technothriller

The Hawk Enigma is an action-rigged trigger-happy technothriller that follows the story of a team of optogenetic researchers in Japan who have created a tool with the potential to predict future events based on people’s dreams… J.L. Hancock is certainly a very talented writer who is undoubtedly in his element when imagining A.I. realities and incorporates landscape and spirituality that are in general missing from cyberpunk works, and this is a welcome perspective to the otherwise uber-urban genre.

Reedsy Discovery

A sumptuous techno-thriller

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Mind-blowing premise

A head-spinning plot, adrenaline-fueled action, and a mind-blowing premise. The Hawk Enigma is one you won’t want to miss.

Susan Furlong
Author of Shattered Justice, A New York Times Top 10 Crime Novel of the Year

Pulse-pounding with intrigue

Hancock’s prose is dazzling, the plotting is clever, and the breakneck speed of the tale makes it a delightful read. The Hawk Enigma is pulse-pounding with intrigue, rich in conflict, and features advanced technological concepts. It’s another winner for fans of technothrillers.

The Book Commentary
The Hawk Enigma book covers


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